Arts for Life Scholarship: What Does it Do?


Are you a high school senior with artistic talent residing in Florida? The Arts for Life Scholarship is closer to you than you think. This annual scholarship will bless you with $1,000 if you pass the cut among the 25 high school students. But you may still ask, what does AFL Scholarship do? How much does it award students? What are the requirements? I will answer all those and other important questions, starting with what the Arts for Life Scholarship is.

Arts for Life Scholarship awards $1,000 to Florida high school seniors with artistic talents such as music, drama, dance, creative writing, and visual and performing arts.

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When Was Arts for Life Scholarship Launched?

Arts for Life Scholarship

Columba Bush, the former Florida First Lady, founded the Art for Life Scholarship in 1999. The scholarship awards 25 high school seniors annually. Those who qualify must meet stringent rules, including showing exceptional talent in the following fields:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Visual arts
  • Creative writing

Each qualifying high school senior student pockets $1,000. Since it was founded, the program has awarded over 575 learners to pursue their dreams in the art, music, and visual fields.

The 2023 Arts for Life Scholarship winners are;


Victoria Hold

Joshua Armstrong

Creative Writing

Willow Olrich

Allyson Abarca

Sofia Korostyshevsky

Hallie Presley


Careagan Williams

Ianna Velazquez

Jessie Doherty

Visual Arts

Melannie Mejia

Mia Lang

Austin Yuan

Taylor Norman

Emma Fordham

Arysmel Rodriguez

Taylor Norman

Nicole Molina

Sally Zarling

Ava Williams

Sasha Suey-Stoler

Lathan Williamson


Elena Medic

Cole Laudenslager

Isabela Diaz

Pablo Pupo


Lydia Broward

Some of the former recipients of the AFL Scholarship are now professional singers, art educators, dancers, artists, musicians, actors, and actresses.

Arts for Life Scholarship


  • Be a high school senior residing in Florida
  • Excel in music, dance, film, visual arts, drama, and creative writing

This year’s AFL Scholarship application is ongoing. To apply, visit the AFL Scholarship website today and stand a chance to win $1,000 to pursue your art career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the Arts for Life Scholarship in St Louis?

A: The Art for Life Scholarship was founded in 1999 by former Florida First Lady Columba Bush to help high school seniors further their careers in branches of art.